• Yukon businesses are leading the way.
  • Yukon is open for business.
  • Yukon is home to one of the world’s largest iron ore deposits and one of the world’s largest undeveloped lead-zinc districts.
  • Yukoners enjoy a very high quality of life.
  • Partnerships are key to our success.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises continue to be Yukon’s largest private sector employer.
  • Yukon’s workforce is highly educated, skilled, motivated and productive.
  • Yukon has been a site location for a number of feature films including the 20th Century Fox's, "The Big Year" starring Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black.

Labour Force

yukon workers

The labour force in Yukon represents one of the most enviable workforces in Canada as it is both active and growing. Yukon has the highest participation rate in Canada (76 per cent) and a high level of engagement and satisfaction with regards to employment. Yukon’s labour demographic is fairly young and split evenly along gender lines.

Yukon’s industry demographic is primarily public administration, but a significant portion of Yukoners work in resource-based and resource-related industries. Yukoners are intelligent and well educated. Yukon has the third highest ratio of educated workers (some level of post-secondary education) in Canada, behind only Ontario and Prince Edward Island.

Yukon has a very high level of entrepreneurship for its population with more than 3,000 registered businesses in the territory – roughly one business per ten Yukoners.

Yukon labourThere are several active agencies in Yukon encouraging the continued growth of the labour market. The Yukon government, which itself employs a number of Yukoners, actively tries to bring in new workers through training and incentive programs. In addition, the Yukon government runs the Yukon Nominee Program which helps attract foreign workers if national labourers are unavailable. Many First Nation governments coordinate their own efforts to aid in the supply of labour to local companies and assist in the provision of training as needed.

In addition to the information found in the sidebar, prospective investors and employers are encouraged to visit the Department of Community Services.

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