• Yukon is open for business.
  • Yukoners enjoy a very high quality of life.
  • Yukon businesses are leading the way.
  • Yukon has been a site location for a number of feature films including the 20th Century Fox's, "The Big Year" starring Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black.
  • Partnerships are key to our success.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises continue to be Yukon’s largest private sector employer.
  • Yukon is home to one of the world’s largest iron ore deposits and one of the world’s largest undeveloped lead-zinc districts.
  • Yukon’s workforce is highly educated, skilled, motivated and productive.

Yukon College and Northern Research Centres

Yukon Research Centre logoYukon College is the only one of its kind in the North. Working in partnership with many southern university research centres, the Yukon Research Centre runs five research programs devoted to finding new discoveries in their various fields to better understand the challenges of the North. These five programs are supported by a number of services including research funding; laboratory and support space; a residence for researchers; local expertise; and logistical support.

Biodiversity Monitoring:

This long-term observational program tracks populations and key ecosystems in Yukon. Incorporating local students, the program primarily focuses on focal or keystone bird species, but it encompasses all species in wetland systems. Through years of observation the program hopes to develop an understanding of why populations are declining and, eventually, to develop solutions to ensure their success.

Cold Climate Innovation

Cold Climate Innovation (CCI) is focused on the development, commercialization and export of sustainable cold climate technologies and related solutions for subarctic regions around the world. CCI supports the partnership between applied scientific researchers, industry and government dedicated to addressing cold climate issues affecting northerners. 

Northern Climate ExChange:

The Northern Climate ExChange (NCE) provides climate change information, services, consulting and research for Northern Canada. The NCE serves as an entry point into the study of climate change in the North by:

  • Promoting and coordinating research and education on the impacts 
     of, and adaptations to climate change in the North;
  • Supporting the development of resource-efficient technologies and 
     practices that can contribute to mitigating climate change and its impacts; and
  • Coordinating the exchange of scientific and local information, technology, and expertise on climate change.

Currently, the NCE has three main initiatives including the Climate Change Information and Mainstreaming Program (CCIMP), the Community Climate Change Adaptation Program (CCCAP), and the Landscape Hazards and Geotechnical Mapping for Climate Change Planning program.

Technology Innovation:

Technology innovation encourages the development of innovative technologies and technology-based capacity in Yukon. By providing financial assistance to innovative Yukon projects, the (TI) assists in the development of commercial products and services that will contribute to the social and economic prosperity of Yukon. Recipients of the program are in fields ranging from software development to mechanical engineering.

Resources and Sustainable Development for the Arctic:

This research program works to ensure that a larger share of the benefits of resource development in the Arctic stay in the region and to reduce costs to northern communities. Research will aim to better understand how the sustainable development of natural resources in the Arctic can be developed in a sustainable, beneficial way to communities.

The project creates new research networks to approach four main pillars of research including Sustainable Regions, Sustainable Communities, Sustainable Cultures and Sustainable Environments.

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