• Yukon is open for business.
  • Partnerships are key to our success.
  • Yukon has been a site location for a number of feature films including the 20th Century Fox's, "The Big Year" starring Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black.
  • Yukon’s workforce is highly educated, skilled, motivated and productive.
  • Yukon businesses are leading the way.
  • Yukon is home to one of the world’s largest iron ore deposits and one of the world’s largest undeveloped lead-zinc districts.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises continue to be Yukon’s largest private sector employer.
  • Yukoners enjoy a very high quality of life.

Mining and Exploration

Yukon Mining and Exploration

Yukon is well recognized as a premier mining location. Canada was ranked the #1 country for mining investment by Ernst & Young and #2 by Behre Dolbear Minerals Industry Advisors Group. Distinct from the rest of Canada, Yukon is situated near the deep water ports of Skagway and Haines, Alaska allowing easy access to key shipping routes to Asia and over-land routes in North America.

For many reasons Yukon is an attractive region to invest in mining. In addition to its significant mineral reserves, Yukon is a stable, supportive political region that offers numerous financial incentives and provides clear, transparent regulations. In fact, Yukon was rated fifth out of 93 jurisdictions for its political stability and sixth for its body of regulations by the Fraser Institute Survey of Mining Companies in 2011.

The Government of Yukon spends more per capita than any other Canadian jurisdiction on direct financial incentives for exploration in the mining industry. It also commits more, dedicating a percentage of its total budget to direct exploration incentives than any other partner, and actively promotes its abundant mineral wealth to world markets. 

To expedite the permitting process, Yukon presents a streamlined assessment process for projects and activities in the form of its Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Board (YESAB).  For more information, please visit the YESAB website.

To view a map of current mining operations in Yukon please click here.

To view a map of Yukon’s Geological Landscape with Mining Claims, click here.

To view a copy of Yukon Investment Attraction Strategy: Yukon Mining Industry, click here.

Principal Metal Resource in Yukon (2011)

Principal Metal Resource in Yukon

The Yukon mining industry is a world-class investment opportunity. 

Supportive legislation.
Stable economic factors.
Effective market promotion.

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